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Huynh Phuong Do’s production facility and showroom is situated on Bach Dang Street in the ancient town of Hoi An. On display are statuettes which are at once lovely and lively

Bamboo root carving class

Let’s join with us, you will become talented artists. You will sighseeing and get to know the origin of artworks

Phuong Do Engraved art Bamboo root

Is the ideal place for you to buy gifts coming relatives and friends

Bamboo roots

From the simple bamboo Mr. Phuong Do with his talent and enthusiasm has created not only unique products but also humane meaning

Our Satisfied Guests says

Mr Omer Drori Traveler Israel

"I think it is very unique and artistic.
I have never seen these things, its price is not too expensive, very beautiful"

Traveler Australia Mr Gace IIbaba

"It is very creative, nice quality and handcrafted.
I have never seen this product before, it is really beautiful and is an interesting place in Hoi An"

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