Phương Đỏ - Engraved art Bamboo roots



Huynh Phuong Do has become very familiar with many tourists as well Hoi An people. This nearly 50 year old man has devoted 25 years to research on engraved art by chisel. He tried to convert scabrous bamboo roots into unique artworks. “Phuong Do” brand has been gradually popular with bamboo root carving. Until now, he is the first and only man to have the idea changing bamboo roots into Buddha. This job brings him fun and passion but also make him face to many difficults.


Once time when Hoi An was in a flooding season, he saw bamboo roots drifting between the flood waters by chance. Which is a 10 - year carpenter, an idea flashed in his mind, he tried making some strokes on bamboo roots and a plan was rekindled from then. It was not until 2004 that his plan came true. At that time, he opened a store  at 26 Bach Dang in Hoi An market and also is his current store now.


Over the last 10 years, by his creation, patient and passion with this job, the products he has been making is keener and keener. Therefore, a large number of  inbound and outbound tourists order his artworks. Some buy bamboo roots carving for gift, others just come and contemplate his workmanship.


At present, he also trains his relatives, some close friends and for those who love this profession in doing engraved art. He hope that the image of bamboo and bamboo carving will be kept for future generations.