Bamboo root carving class


Reimagining Bamboo Art
Hosted by
Huynh Phuong Do
•    A new twist on the age-old art of carved bamboo crafting
•    Using roots to make the hair & beard of a bamboo bust
•    Working with a veteran artist with over two decades of experience
•    Learning about the versatile use of Bamboo among artists in Vietnam
•    Getting to take home a souvenir that's representative of Vietnam's resilient arts scene
Inclusive of:
•    All tools and materials
•    English speaking guide
•    Drinking water

Not Inclusive of:
•    Pick-up and drop-off service (can be included at additional cost)
•    Meals


More About This Experience:

The humble and versatile Bamboo has always played an integral role in Vietnamese culture. The Bamboo is used for anything from building housing, cooking as an ingredient and even for handicrafts which are ultimately used for decorative purposes. Our host for this course, Huynh Phuong Do, is one artist who has taken the roots of the bamboo and used his wood carving skills to give it a unique twist incorporating the little hair-like shoots that accompany the roots of a Bamboo. What could easily have been discarded as waste, he has turned into either the hair or beard of the bust that he carves on the main stump of the root. In this course, Hunyh will already have washed and dried the bamboo before your arrival so you don't need to worry about that. You will start with a short practice session that will give you a feel of the bamboo and the chisels you will be working with. Once you've gotten your rhythm in, it's on to clamping your bamboo and carving. While you might seem a little blank in the beginning, listen to Huynh's instructions and you will see in no time how the shape gradually starts to appear. Hammering away on the chisel can be tiring so feel free to take short breaks in between the course. The finer details like the eyes and edges of the nose are best left Huynh to finish, but if you're confident enough then have a go at it. Once the main chiseling is done, all you're left with is sandpapering. And there you have it, your own bamboo root carved bust! 

Let’s join with us, you will become talented artists.

Members for one class: 5-10 persons/ 1 lesson (over 10 years old )


Choice between 2 sessions each day: 9am to 11pm or 3pm till 5pm

Price:  $20 or 440 000vnd

Address: 26 Bạch Đằng – Hội An